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The Booklet that reveals all the secrets behind the cigarette

​Written by Sylvain Coulonthe 2 consecutive years Awarded BEST Hypnotherapist of New York 2018 & 2019  

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Sylvain is absolutely Amazing! 

Rhonda, Farmington


Going to see Sylvain was one of the best things I've done to myself

Lorraine, Hawaii

Quit Smoking for GOOD!

Did you notice that the cigarette addiction isn't an issue nationwide but it is WORLDWIDE!

People from all over the globe are struggling with this addiction, because most of them fall into the same pattern. 

Getting to smoke was actually helpful but not being able to quit when you want to quit is what has to change. 


What is this booklet About? 

    • It is NOT just another “how to” book on smoking cessation yet it will show you the 3 secrets to success.

    • It is NOT just another “how to quit smoking in one day". You will understand there is no magic behind quitting smoking. 

    • It is NOT about increasing your chances to quit smoking - yet by knowing the major reasons to be successful, you will change your mind about cigarette and increase your chances to quit smoking naturally.

      "The 3 secrets" is A SHORTCUT.

      By Knowing the 3 secrets that all people do when you quit for life, you will save some time, feel less frustrated and closer to being able to quit smoking for life. 


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      To Quitting Smoking! 

      The Behind the scenes secrets of an award winning hypnotherapy practice in New York

      My name is Sylvain, 

      I have a hypnotherapy practice in New York, I see people who want to improve the quality of their lives through many goals. 

      One recurring goal is to quit smoking. 

      Over the years, I noticed certain patterns from people who want to quit. Patterns which only brought them to fail, having to wait some time before trying again and failing again. 

      Are they just incapable of quitting? No

      Are they trying something that can't work? Yes


      You will learn in the booklet what successful people in quitting smoking always do to quit for life!

      People who got their HEALTH back

      Health is often the biggest source of motivation to quit smoking.

      Trying the wrong way and failing isn't only unhealthy for your body but also unhealthy for your self-esteem and overall confidence. 

      You are about to find out why people are struggling to quit smoking.


      Most people don't know that the cigarette came to their lives to help them express a desire, a needed emotion. It served a purpose and still is.


      If now this action of smoking doesn't make sense to your life anymore, it is time to let your mind know that it needs to change. 

      5 stars Practice in a Modern World


      Working with Sylvain is absolutely wonderful. I was astonished by the results after our 5 sessions together. It’s a smart, interesting and healthy way to develop new skills and overcome obstacles. I am very grateful for the level of peace I could reach, I didn’t know I had this in me and wouldn’t have find out without Sylvain.

      Janet, Brooklyn


      Highly recommend Sylvain! Sylvain is a master of NLP/hypnosis techniques and his method works like wonder. Very effective! 

      Ariel, New York



      Customized, expert and attentive therapist

      Elle K, Seoul


      Sylvain Coulon is dedicated to the best interests of his clients. A board-certified hypnotherapist, Sylvain is kind, knowledgeable, caring and, more importantly, someone who can be trusted to assist in turning negative habits, beliefs and experiences into positive resources that will benefit his clients for a lifetime. I would gladly recommend him to my friends and family.

      Holly, NM


      I highly recommend Sylvain Coulon and his hypnotherapy practice to anyone who struggles with a chronic condition.
      The mind is an area that requires a trust worthy practitioner and Sylvain took the time to listen, take notes, and able to adapt his practice around my goals.
      Sylvain really commits to his craft and empowers you along the way. 

      Conrad, NY

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      ​Sylvain Coulon


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